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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

seams in my brain coming undone....

6 in the morning  
and i'm still awake
thoughts ripping through me like 
thinking too much
over analyzing everything
her, a different her
me again
and all of those people
good and bad
i've gotten to know
all too well
before i just say
fuck it
fuck them 
fuck this
i'm done
we're through
it's over
fuck you
but who's the you im speaking to
is it her, or her or maybe him 
could be a they
hell, it might even be me
do you know
can you help
mend this seam in my soul
with it's threadbare efforts
to hold my sanity in
or is it my turn 
to be left 
in this cold world 
that i have created
and stranded others in

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